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Office Apps

Microsoft product downloads: Official licenses available


Microsoft’s suite of downloadable programs has been created to help individual users and small businesses to enhance their productivity and to complete administrative and creative tasks. These programs are incredibly powerful and are both intuitive and easy to use.


One of the biggest advantages that Microsoft products offer is the strong likelihood that you already know how to use them. Over 1.2 billion people in over 140 countries around the world that have experience using these products, which means when you buy a product from one of the most respected Microsoft retailers Software Keep, you’re buying a suite of programs you know you can trust.


What is Microsoft Office?


Microsoft Office is one of Microsoft’s most popular products. Each suite is a downloadable package of programs that, when combined, provide you with the ultimate set of office productivity tools. Each program offers a specific set functions that help you record data, report and present information, and manage communication.


The MS Suite is used both in the workplace, in the classroom, and at home, for all manner of personal, professional and academic purposes. As Bill Gate’s legacy software, the Microsoft Office suites of applications operate with both simple or complex functionality, depending on the individual user’s skill level and experience with the software.


Customers who download Microsoft Office use the productivity suites for work, study and fun. What’s more, if you have an older version of Microsoft’s Suite of office tools, you can upgrade with little to no disruption, simply choose the upgrade license you’d like and add to the cart.


We are currently the number one retailer for Microsoft Office Download licenses. At Software Keep, we are proud to offer our customers the highest quality software products to suit their daily needs for recording, sorting, and storing data of all types. We provide a wide range of Windows and Microsoft products, along with several options for antivirus and Internet security packages. You can be certain that shopping online is safe with Software Keep.


For customers new to Microsoft Office products and seeking support with their software purchase, SoftwareKeep offers 24/7 customer service along with a host of ‘how to’ articles that will help show you how to navigate the tools each application has to offer to get the most out of the programs.


Microsoft Publisher


Microsoft Publisher is an application used to digitally create and publish documents that can also be printed in hardcopy and distributed.


One of the great things about the interface of Publisher is that even if you’ve never used the program before, you’re probably going to find it very familiar. The application has much of the same design and functionality of other well-known Microsoft Office programs that we’ve come to know and love. While slight changes have been made to adjust for the different tasks that Publishers can perform, the program is still rather intuitive.


MS Publisher has a whole collection of tools and templates to help you create brochures, newsletters, business cards, menus, and many more projects, for everything from the office to the classroom to personal hobby work.


Compared to the general programs such as Microsoft Word, Publisher offers users greater control over design and customizable options. This includes tools such as more shapes and sizes for objects, alignment of text and images with page and print margins to deliver an altogether more professional design. Whether you use it occasionally or every day, Publisher is a great application to have in your productivity toolkit.


Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets


One of the most widely-used programs in the Microsoft suite is the MS Excel spreadsheets program. This powerful application allows you to record, organize, and manage your data.


As spreadsheet applications go, Excel is far and beyond the market leader. It isn’t a database in and of itself, but it works really well alongside a database and gives users the opportunity to turn rows of data into organized reports and charts.


Excel has so many usages. Most accountants and managers use Excel regularly and even daily to store and manage data for business expenses and revenues. Homeowners also use Excel for learning and keeping tabs on home finances. Microsoft has made Excel available for both Windows and Mac users.


Software Keep is one of the most respected eCommerce retailers for Microsoft Excel licenses. Customers can access our 24/7 support team at any time to ask for advice and guidance with your new Microsoft product.


Microsoft Word Document


Microsoft Word is by far the most utilized word-processing program available today. It is extremely intuitive and its familiar layout gives users of any expertise level the comfort of harnessing the power that MS Words offers. Even with the enhanced features in the updated version, users are likely to find the functionality very easy.


MS Word is a text-focused word-processing application that allows users to create a variety of documents digitally. Design your documents with professionalism or creative flair, depending on your project. You can add images, play with different fonts, create a table or graph, and convert the document into any number of formats, such as PDF or JPEG.


A unique function available in MS Word that many users may not be aware of is the drawing toolbar. This feature allows you to create 3D shapes and gives you the chance to add color and add effects to both the text and layout of the document.


You don’t need to worry about spelling or grammatical errors, because MS Word offeres features like Spell Check. When creating basic graphs or tables, you’ll be able to generate these stunning visual effects with little experience. For the advanced users, Word is also able to process HTML coding; some people use Word to create websites.




Another robust mainstay of the Microsoft suite is MS Outlook, an application that allows users to manage their email accounts, synchronize their calendar, and create tasks and lists for their workflow, as well as for your team (either at home, school, or work). All in the same program. Here are just a few of the major features offered with this program:


  • Email client
  • Task manager
  • Calendar
  • Contact address book
  • Holiday contact planner (OOO)


Outlook is such an incredibly useful tool, because it allows you to set up multiple accounts and manage them directly from your device. View and respond to your emails from anywhere in the world and link them to other functions, such as calendar events or updated contact information.


The difference between Outlook and other email clients is that the extra steps Microsoft has taken to ensure a seamless link to other functions and Microsoft applications. In the early days of the newly designed MS Office, Microsoft realized quite quickly that their customers were using their emails in Outlook to arrange events, create tasks, and schedule important events. Consequently, they created a host of tools that allow users to manage daily life or workflow, all connected from the email application.




Microsoft PowerPoint is designed to create and present condensed information in a slideshow. It’s the most popular slideshow tool available today, so much so that many slideshow presentations are now referred to as powerpoints.


As well as being able to create professional slideshows with a wide selection fonts and themes, PowerPoint is also a useful graphics editor because it’s incredibly simple to use. You can even use the application to create videos by implementing any number of transitioning slides. Users can set up the slideshow to rehearse and record the presentation. Connect directly to a projector and run your presentation directly from the program.


Should you require any help either setting up your program, or if you have questions about how to navigate the tools within the program, you can take advantage of our SoftwareKeep 24/7 customer service team or our ‘How to’ articles on our website.


What is Microsoft Visio and What Does it Do?


Microsoft Visio is one of the lesser-known programs in the Microsoft suite, but it’s a great tool to have in your arsenal. It is designed to assist users who need to create diagrams on a regular basis, providing an extensive list of diagrams you can select, from flow charts to floor plans.


Very similar to other Microsoft programs, MS Visio is accommodating to users with little knowledge of the program. It comes standard with a library of shapes, objects, and stencils to work with and also has the option of importing your own custom shapes. For those users wanting a simple approach, a professional collection of templates are available to choose from. For those looking for more complex diagrams, Visio has the option of customizing 3-D diagrams.


Use MS Visio to integrate your plans and diagrams seamlessly with the other MS suite applications, giving you control to manage a layout and feel that you’re comfortable with. For more information about Visio, feel free to contact our customer service team who will be more than happy to help answer any of your questions.


What is Microsoft Access?


MS Access is an dynamic information management tool. It allows you to store information so you can reference, group, report, and analyze your data to better understand and organize it, similar to how a database works. Although very different to Excel, it performs some of the same core functions, but on a larger scale.


MS Access stores information just as a database does. This stored information allows you to begin to make connections between various components, connections which are referred to as relationships. The information stored in MS Access tables functions similarly to mini spreadsheets; each field can have its own restrictions, by allowing or preventing different users from accessing, inputting, and editing your data.


Once you create the tables and the subsequent relationships with your data, you can then create data entry forms. The information added is stored according to your rules, and thanks to the relationships you previously set up, you are able to collate information and run reports.


What is Microsoft Project?


Microsoft Project is a fairly self-explanatory application. Simply put, it is a software program that enables you to manage projects. The software has a variety of versions, which offers various users a multifunctional project management tool.


MS Project allows you to fully understand and control projects, in terms of schedules, deadlines, budgets, and resources. You can communicate project needs to other team members and present information to selected users, depending on their role with the project. You can organize workload and tasks for users and maintain their schedule with a few clicks.


Some of the main features offered in the 2019 version of MS Project is:

  • Synchronizing SharePoint: This feature lets you publish project schedules, set task deadlines, and have the ability to receive team updates.
  • Placeholder Text: Create project plans, even if you don’t yet have all the details. Add dummy text or make notes for yourself to be able to fill in the details later.
  • Active and Inactive Tasks: Users are able to IFTTT (IF This, Then This) by creating active and inactive tasks to create your own “what-if” analysis. This works well when planning resources and budget and forecasting shifts in your finances or timeline.
  • Timeline View: This feature provides an overview of your whole schedule in a model that’s easy for non-project managers to understand and follow.
  • Team Planner: When you are forming a plan with your team, it is useful to piece aspects of your plan together to visualize how effective it will be. This feature has a drag-and-drop component to simplify this process when planning resources, timeline, and costs throughout the project.
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